Friday, 8 July 2016

About me

Where to start! I'm a twenty something Welsh valley's girl, living a small town life with big dreams. It may not always be the most exciting place to live but it's home for the time being.

I live a vegan lifestyle which allows me to live a happy, healthy and cruelty free life. As I mentioned I live in a valley in South Wales surrounded by lush green mountains and even though I can often feel at one with nature it can sometimes be hard being a vegan in an area in which veganism isn't that popular. But I make it work!

I live with my long term boyfriend who lives and breathes cricket even in the winter months. He isn't vegan and a is a big meat fan and I'm going to talk more about this in later posts. I
also live with a  beautiful little mixed bread dog who is basically like my child. Making me an all year around 'cricket widow' and dog mam.

Through this blog I want to share my experiences of being a vegan in the Welsh valley's and showing you some of the delicious foods that I get to eat.


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