Thursday, 26 January 2017

New Years resolutions!

A New Years resolution is one of those occasions in which we feel like we can finally start working towards the person that we want to be. Even though it is one of the slight corny times of the year sometimes it seems to work.

So in respect of it being the new year even though I'm late as it is nearly February I wanted to talk about my goals for year and be that person who should be making these goals all year around (but there we go)!

I'm going to keep these goals short and sweet so that I can hopefully stick to them and that will be tested on this blog:

1) I think this is probably the most obvious but to actually use this blog. I created this blog months ago and I've only produced two other posts. It is time to be proactive and build my blog!

2) still on the subject of social medial I want to use my Instagram account more. Currently it's my main source of social media and I want to put more effect into making it the best that it can be.

3) be more productive in my studies. I have four months left of my degree (where the hell has 3 years gone!) and I can only afford my Spanish lessons until September which is when I start my postgraduate degree. I need to get my lazy butt in gear! It's time to study!

4) and finally my last goal of the year, to become healthier. 2016 was amazing because it taught me how rubbish my diet actually was! I stopped eating meat and other animal products and now I want to continue my health journey food and excerice wise. I'm still carrying unhealthy weight and it needs to go!

So here are my resolutions and I hope that who ever reads this (if anyone reads this) will be my motivation! I have shared this with the world and it is time to put my money where my mouth is and work towards a better me in 2017!

What's your New Years resolutions?